Website & Application development

Have you been looking to expand to your client base by getting a new or revamped website? Then look no further! From our extensive experience, we have gathered that generally all websites function best with the same basic elements. Moreover, we have noticed that most web developers don’t pay attention to search engine optimization. That is where Social Elephant comes in. When we build a website for you, we employ the Online Recipe. This recipe makes it possible for us to curb the needed cost and time as well as think about how your website will get those online growth results.

Our online recipe ensures quick delivery of a good quality, highly profitable website

Our own experience with web developers made us think: why try to reinvent the wheel time and again? That just seems like valuable money, time and energy going to waste! That is why we developed the Online Recipe in cooperation with our own in-house web developer.

The Online Recipe:

We noticed that our clients generally asked for the same components to be included in their websites. Who doesn’t want a clear menu or eye-catching well placed Social media links on their website? The Online Recipe has it all, providing a fundamental framework. All that is left to do is adding the variables your company desires, applying the visual identity and getting the website online as fast we can. On your end, this means no overcomplicated manuals or long waiting periods. We aim to have your website ready to go within 3 weeks time.

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Our working method has already proven to be successful for a great number of companies. Do you also want to improve your online marketing? Schedule a meeting with Social Elephant founder and online marketing expert Nico van der Zaan.

Developing an app that will yield returns

It is possible that the online media scan will show your need for an application. This could either be an app or applications on a website.


A lot of applications go live without really considering the use or value. In contrast, we develop apps that will actually yield results.

Social Elephant’s strength is our know-how when it comes to making your investment profitable at every step of the development process. Moreover, our extensive network makes it possible for us to select the best fitting in-house developer or partner to develop your app.