Research & analysis

Try to imagine your company’s online world to be like a vegetable garden that you are planning to grow. Would you haphazardly start buying plants that you like or would you first look at the ones that would actually flourish? We suspect the answer to that question lies in the desire for the best results. That is also where online marketing starts. We always conduct market research before we start developing. Google and Social Media are a gold mine when it comes to finding the answers. We have the tools and know-how to shed a light on this data.


Our research results will be presented in a so-called ‘Online Growth Plan’. Fundamentally, the plan answers the following two simple questions:

How do I get visitors to my website? How am I going to convert those visitors?
As if you were digging for precious stones, the answers to these questions are hidden in the online quarry. Social Elephant has the tools and know-how to mine these hidden gems and show you where they are buried. In the Online Growth Plan, we will research the online opportunities for your company and present you where the possibilities lie when it comes to recruiting and activating customers.

Informative and strategic plan

For all of our projects we follow 3 phases: Online Growth Plan, Online Growth Development and Online Growth Coaching. The research of your online landscape, target audience and chances will be covered in our first phase: the Online Growth Plan. If you wish to achieve results you’ll want to take action based on the results from our research. Because of this reason our Online Growth Plan is not only informative but strategic as well.